Sheep walking Booking now available for walks starting in June. (More dates to be added shortly) 

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Walk A Sheep In Wales!



Sheep Walking in Caerphilly and Wales

Sheep Walking Ticket


This ticket is suitable for one visitor who wishes to walk a sheep. You will get matched with one of our lovely sheep, which will be yours for the duration of the visit. You will be able to walk the sheep by yourself or you can choose to share your sheep with a Spectator. We will also make stops along the way which will be the perfect chance to get a photo with your sheep.

Walking with the sheep lasts for around 40/50 minutes, after which you will be able to meet all the other animals at the farm. You will be able to hand out treats to the animals and take photos with them.

The walk includes walking on grassland and at parts can be rough to walk on. So we ask that you bring sensible footwear.

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Spectator Ticket  

£5 (No Sheep Included)

This ticket is suitable for one visitor who does not wish to walk a sheep but would like to join in the experience and the walk.

It is also suitable for adults with children who are walking sheep and need a little extra help. Recommended anyone under the age of 8 with a sheep walking ticket has an adult Spectator. 



During the experience you will be able to take a leisurely stroll through the countryside. You'll be able to feed the sheep tasty treats, meet other animals and take pictures with them in the fields. Walking with the sheep lasts for around one hour.

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Lamb Cwtching Ticket  - Now closed. 

£25 (Includes one pen for up to 5 people)

Spend up to an hour in one of our pens looking after your own lambs. Sit with the lambs and keep them company. You will be shown how cuddle them, interact with them and bottle feeding them. Up to 5 lambs in each pen (number may vary). 


This ticket secures you one pen. Only you and your guests will be able to access the pen, meaning you get the lambs all to yourselves. 

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If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us at Duffryn Sheep Walking and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

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